Canva Tutorials

Lesson 1
Opening Canva for the first time.

Lesson 2
Using and customizing templates.

Lesson 3
Using search and personalizing the editor.

Lesson 4
Uploading and using photos.

Lesson 5
Using and editing elements.

Lesson 6
Finding fonts and using text.

Lesson 7
Uploading and editing video and audio.

Lesson 8
Sharing and collaborating on designs.

Lesson 9
Saving and organizing documents.

Lesson 10
What’s next?

Family Tree Walkthrough

Tree with names
Tree with photos

Mini Websites

Easily create and publish Canva mini websites to get search-friendly domains, adjustable page heights, password protection, and full responsiveness across devices. Find help on how to publish your mini website here. When publishing, choose a scrolling website.