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why should you use artspark webdesign?


we have years of international experience and many satisfied customers.


since we use templates we are able to keep the cost down and the turn-around time fast.


you will be able to maintain your own site after launch.


we believe in easy communication and hassle free billing.


but most of all we are passionate about what we do and take great pride in designing contemporary and dynamic websites.

how does all this work?

There are just 4 simple steps between you deciding to take your business online, and the world admiring your awesome business.


You have a business that you’d like to share with the entire world. You also have limited patience for technical mumbo jumbo and lofty complicated designs, plus you want your website fast and cheap. And on top of that you want to have control over your own website once it has been put together professionally.
You pick the package you like and send us an email. We both agree you have come to the right place and we all have a chuckle at how easy and fun this process will be.

If your eyes glaze over when hearing the words ‘servers’ and ‘hosting’ feel free to skip this section. After all this is why you are paying us! However if you do want to know the nitty gritty, then here it is:



We will register a .com domain name for your business in your own name. The domain name is included for free with your package. If you decide to take your hosting elsewhere at some point we will help you transfer your domain name to your new server. We never hold your domain name hostage, it will always belong to you. Check to see what names are available at Domain Tools.



Your site will be hosted on a server that offers screaming fast page uploads, solid security and a 99.9% uptime, with access to a CPanel where you can configure additional email addresses, email filters, forwarders as well as the Visual Builder from which you will be able to update your own site. Hosting rates vary depending on which package you choose.

Your website will be built with WordPress and Divi, a powerful platform that powers over 20% of the web.

Since we offer template packages, we can keep costs down and design time short! Our focus is to create beautiful, functional websites that are as pretty on a computer as on a mobile platform.

Behind the scenes we will make sure that Google likes your site as well by embedding keywords and submitting into the Google search engine.

Your website is complete and ready to be seen by the rest of the world. Now the fun really starts as you will be able to upkeep and make changes to your own website using our Visual Builder. Don’t worry, tech skills are not needed. And if you do get stuck, we are just an email away, as your package comes with a free after launch consultation.


our knowledge + your business


the perfect team

the web design options

we like to keep it simple in order to make it affordable

included with all web design packages

drag and drop

With our Visual Builder you can upkeep and customize your own website.

google submission

Your website will be properly keyworded and submitted to Google.

your own domain

A domain name is included and registered in your own name.


Need help after launch? Just send us an email for a free support session.

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