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Web Sites for Genealogists

Did you create a website years ago and never really got around to updating it?

Or maybe you added your business on the APG directory and never followed up with a website?

Creating a website from scratch is a lot of work. Yet every genealogist needs to have an online presence. It is your first impression for clients. And you know what they say, you can only make a first impression once!

As both a web designer and a genealogist I know what it is you need and also how to make it look pretty.

Create an Amazing First-Impression


Tailored for Genealogy

All the sections are geared for professional genealogy

Techie Stuff

FREE hosting and FREE domain name


Mobile Friendly

It is just as pretty on mobile as on desktop

Search Engine friendly

Keyworded and optimized for search engines

Why it is important to have a website

Genealogists listed in the APG Directory*

Members who listed a website*


Your chance to stand out

*This data is likely to already be outdated by the time you read it and is just meant to give you a rough idea. APG is the Association of Professional Genealogists.

Genealogy Website Template

Pick Your Style

Choose a layout, decide on your colors and email in your photos and info. Need something that is not in the layout? No problem, it can be customized.

domain genealogy

Everything included

Your website consists of a modern layout, optional blogging module, hosting and your domain name.

Genealogy Website Template


Want to update photos, add a new certification or change your rates? Two free hours of updates are included in the yearly fee. Additional updates cost $40 per hour.

website genealogy


Choose between a SmartSite, a BlogSite or a Divi Layout. You can non-renew at any time.

Choose Any of These Amazing Layouts


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Preview Layout

genealogy website design

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genealogy website design

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genealogy website design

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genealogy website design

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Most Recent Work

Katie Rebecca Garner Genealogy

website design for genealogists


My Genealogy Background

I am both a web designer and a genealogist.

My genealogy specialties are the Netherlands, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. My genealogy focus is to find intriguing stories. Currently I am working on the notorious Ruthvens, my husband’s ancestors who kidnapped the king of Scotland.

I have a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University, and Certificates in Graphic Design and Web Design from Sessions College for Professional Design. I am a member of NGS, Colorado Genealogical Society and APG.

My web design niche is small businesses and professional genealogists.

Members of the NGS, APG, Colorado Genealogical Society and BU Genealogy alumni get a 20% discount.

National Genealogical Society
Association of Professional Genealogists
Colorado Genealogical Society
Boston University Genealogical Certificate
Sessions College of Art and Design


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